The beauty of wind

In early July, I spent 10 days in the Netherlands, studying high-performance Dutch building energy retrofits. More on that another time. But when I was there, I was struck by the thousands of electric-generating wind turbines across the country. It was so striking, I took hundreds of photos of them. Here are just a few. If you look closely at them, note how they are located in every possible setting: Rural, urban, suburban, waterfront, by the beautiful Dutch dikes, by scenic rivers, by houses, by commercial buildings, in pastoral settings, in industrial settings, on farms, by highways, everywhere.

I also took some photos of the old mechanical windmills, also beautiful. Wind turbines, like the old windmills, are and can be things of beauty. And they can integrate beautifully across all our landscapes. We in America can learn from the Dutch. We don’t need to be scared of wind energy systems. They offer an important path to reducing fossil energy use, reducing pollution, reducing reliance on foreign oil, and most importantly reducing carbon emissions. The future is emerging. In fact, it’s here, let us welcome it with open arms under a beautiful sky.

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